Latina / Special Latina

Specially modified Latina for Al Waab St Lighting Project

Beth Galí, 2006
Developed by Santa & Cole

On January 30th of 2006 H.E. Crown Prince Jassim personally chose the Latina streetlamp as the one preferred for Al Waab Street Project although he asked Santa & Cole to develop few variations in the design of the Street lamp.

On February 1st 2006 Santa & Cole asked Beth Gali to develop the variations asked from Doha.

The special Latina streetlight includes 5 optical spots (up to 14 m. high) to be placed on both lateral sides of the avenue, and an additional rear arm (1 spot) to light the lateral service lanes on both directions.

On February 9th 2006 Santa & Cole sent the design of the Special modified Latina Street lamp to Doha. S&C also delivered:

• Full memorandum of the lighting concept.
• Detail drawings of the proposal (urban maps).
• Technical lighting curves of the proposal.
• 3D images and renders.
• Technical info and photos of the special product involved (Latina with rear arm).

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