January 31th 2013

The State of Qatar will be tried for piracy in Barcelona

Commercial court no. 2 of Barcelona has admitted the lawsuit filed last June by the architect Beth Galí against the State of Qatar and the Public Works Authority “Ashghal” for breach of copyright, on producing and installing in one of the main avenues of Doha a thousand street lamps identical to the LATINA street lamp, of which she is the author and whose exclusive assignee is the Spanish company Santa & Cole.
• With these supposed falsifications, the State of Qatar would have caused important moral damages to Beth Galí, substantial financial damages to Santa & Cole, and would have endangered the life of the Qatari citizens, as the abysmal quality of the falsifications would be the cause of numerous traffic accidents due to dazzling or to the detachment of their components.  
• After six years of attempts to reach an amicable agreement, and after the Qatari government refused the arbitration of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the courts of Barcelona have admitted what could be the biggest lawsuit for piracy brought against a sovereign state.  
• The Court has served notice of the lawsuit on the State of Qatar, with the legal cautions and warnings, to reply within a period of twenty days. Notice of the lawsuit will be served through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Spanish Embassy in Qatar.  

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