Latina / Special Latina

Original work
Beth Galí, 1998
Edited by Santa & Cole
This is an extraordinarily beautiful plastic lighting unit for large urban areas. It has the shape of a Latin sail and is reminiscent of the cranes in the docks of ports. It has a strong visual prominence and a use in accordance with its size.

When the architect Beth Galí was asked to urbanize and old port area of the Dutch city of Rotterdam, one of the images which she had in mind most was the enormous cranes in the unloading docks. Using this reference she designed a large lamp with an appearance reminiscent of that spectacular and mysterious machinery.

The unit comprises two well-defined parts; a corten steel column and two galvanized steel tubes. One acts as a support for the spotlights and the other as a brace to strengthen the unit. It is a street lamp designed for spacious urban areas, where the lighting is to be emphasized.

Industrial model certification

 Industrial Model Certification Benelux ratified Latina Spanish 26011998

 Industrial Model Certification Benelux ratified Latina Spanish and English 26011998

 Industrial Model Certification ratified Latina English 26011998

 Industrial Model Renewal Request Spanish 03092008

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